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Sunday, October 30, 2011
Perfect Tie for a Perfect Christmas

It is mostly said that it’s harder to choose a gift for men than for women because we thought that there are lesser options to choose from for them. And since it’s Christmas time again, I bet most people are starting to get busy now, deciding for gift ideas for your friends and relatives.

If you’re thinking of presents for men, then why not give them their most remarkable and versatile accessory in their clothing, which is the necktie? Like for most women, men have started to become more fashion conscious. Of course, they want to look smart and elegant during a special event or even in a business meeting.

As for men, aside from the fact that they need to learn how to perfectly tie a necktie, sometimes, they also find it hard to choose a tie that best suits the event that they are going to attend to or that will match their entire outfit. Although most guys prefer to wear casually, there will always be an occasion that only a suit and tie will do. But actually, ties can also blend with a funky style like for instance; rock and punk stars usually wear ties with their jeans and white shirt. As simple as that, that tie will add sophistication in their looks.

Anyway, if you are about to buy a tie for your dad, brother or even your guy friends especially this Christmas, you will need to consider some tips for you to end up buying a high quality tie.

First is the material. You should always consider the type of fabric used, as this will be an indicator that your tie will last even longer than expected. Mostly, silk is the preferred fabric but you have to take into consideration that it is expensive but it will not be a waste of money if you’re going to invest on it.

Next thing that you have to take note is the length and width of the tie. This will always depend on the size of the body of the person who will wear the tie. Always make sure that you estimate the body size of the wearer so you can be able to buy a perfect fit tie.

Another important thing is the lining on the tie. Usually, a high quality tie has a 100% wool lining. It adds another layer of thickness and enhances the shape of the tie. In addition, it also extends the life of the tie.

Furthermore, the color must be considered as well. You should always pick a tie that will go well with your outfit. Try to be more imaginative when it comes to color combination but never go overboard because it might ruin your personality. Remember that there are various colors available for your choice but it should also match your skin color.

Just like the color, pattern is also one of the key points in choosing the perfect tie. You may base your pattern with the event that you are about to go to. For a more formal occasion like in your business meetings or perhaps funerals, you may want to choose a pattern that looks quiet and simple with other people’s eyes. Avoid ties with cartoon characters, as it looks informal and your friends might bully you. Try to keep a variety of ties so that you will have more options for every occasion.

Lastly, the person’s character or personality is another factor in choosing the best tie. Be sure that you know exactly the person who will wear the tie so that even if they were not the one who chose the tie, they will be comfortable to wear it because it suits their personality.

So in choosing a high quality tie, never be afraid to check every detail and always try to look at possible damages or even loose threads on each tie that you are going to buy. Whether you’re going to buy it for a gift or for yourself, be more prudent and start investing with a high quality. Buying the appropriate tie will surely make you smart and sophisticated and this will definitely boost your confidence and you’ll indeed be proud of yourself.

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